In-flight meals are usually terrible — but this one might be the worst.
An EasyJet flight attendant serves travelers during a flight from London Southend Airport to El Prat airport in Barcelona, Spain
Credit: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Adrian Bell and his wife, Lindsey, were flying to the United Kingdom after a vacation in Zante, Greece when he purchased a sandwich from EasyJet. He was surprised to find the toasted cheese sandwich appeared to be 10 years out of date.

The date on the wrapping indicated that the meal expired on June 16, 2007.

According to The Sun, Bell claimed one of the flight attendants joked, “we should charge you more, it’s an antique”.

Flight crew and EasyJet, however, insist that the sandwich was still fresh, and the date on the wrapping was simply the result of a printing error.

“I told staff on the plane about it and they said it wasn't out of date," Bell said. "But they were just looking at the day and month, not the year."

“The date on the back read 16/06/2007, that's 10 years out of date. The flight staff said that no one else had I started telling the other passengers on the plane,” he added.

A spokesperson for EasyJet also told Travel + Leisure that the issue was merely a printing mistake. “We have looked into this with our in-flight partner and they have confirmed that this sandwich was in date. This was obviously a manual printing error and we are surprised that anyone would think it was anything else,” they said.

Despite the concerning expiration date, Bell apparently ate the sandwich anyway. “It was still really tasty, to be honest, but it was over-cooked,” he told The Sun.

Aged cheese is pretty delicious, but perhaps not when it comes on airplane sandwiches.