EasyJet is dropping an album.
Man listening to music
Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images

If you ever lie awake at night tossing and turning, you may have found yourself longing for the relaxing sounds of a plane engine and all of the soothing memories of air travel that go along with it.

Low-cost carrier easyJet thinks so, at least, and that's why the company released an album of engine jet sounds aimed to lull listeners to sleep.

The full album is 10 hours of engine jet sounds accompanied by visuals of their planes, and it can be experienced on their YouTube channel. U.K. customers can also buy the album via iTunes for 8 pounds sterling, or approximately $10. U.S. customers can find it on Amazon or Google Play.

More bespoke fans of easyJet can also get their hands on a limited number of vinyl pressings of the engine sounds, though they won't occupy a full 10 hours of listening, The Independent reported.

All proceeds will go to the Children's Sleep Charity, an organization dedicated to helping kids get a good night sleep.

"This is a fantastic, fun idea from easyJet as we know repetitive, consistent white noise can help some people who suffer from disturbed sleep get a better night’s rest – the gentle humming of a jet engine can help to support some children and families to get a better night’s sleep," said Vicki Dawson, founder and CEO of the charity.