Imagine a plane that doesn’t have to refuel.
Credit: Luke MacGregor/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Innovations in low-emissions air travel may be coming sooner than you think. Wright Electric and European budget airline EasyJet are teaming up in the hopes of flying an all-electric passenger plane in the next decade.

Back in March, Wright Electric presented its idea for an electric plane at the Y Combinator Demo Day in Silicon Valley. Even then, the company was interested in a partnership with EasyJet, since the plane’s battery is especially optimized for short flights (which EasyJet is known for).

On Wednesday, the partnership became official. Both companies are aiming to fly a battery-operated plane within 10 years.

According to Mashable, Wright has already built a two-seat electric plane. But sizing up to a passenger plane will take a significant amount of ingenuity — and improvement in the battery technology.

Wright Electric hopes to transport 150 passengers on these short haul flights in the future. At this time, the longest recorded electric flight was 1,000 miles — and only one person was onboard.

If successful, the low emissions flights will be a great leap forward in decreasing air travel’s carbon footprint — and maybe make it even easier to get a quick, affordable flight.