Dr. Oz is taking your health questions in the air.

By Andrea Romano
July 25, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of Turkish Airlines

As part of a collaboration with Turkish Airlines, TV personality Mehmet Oz, known as Dr. Oz, has signed on with a new project called “Fly Good, Feel Good,” which focuses on healthy eating and lifestyle.

The launch of the project includes video and photo materials that are available on Turkish Airlines’ website, social media accounts and in-flight entertainment systems.

And in addition, Dr. Oz also boarded a flight from Istanbul to New York City, where he took his show “on the road,” answering 300 passengers' health questions and handing out gifts.

Credit: Courtesy of Turkish Airlines
Credit: Courtesy of Turkish Airlines

Before the flight, Turkish Airlines Chairman İlker Aycı said, “Dr. Oz will create a special atmosphere for our guests to greater enjoy the privilege of flying with Turkish Airlines,” according to Hurriyet Daily News.

During long flights, passengers can often neglect how their health decisions are affecting them in the long run, so any little reminder to remember to take care of your body is good for busy travelers out there.

The airline went on to say that the collaboration was “an impressive project that tends to the health and wellness dimension of flight experiences of travelers.”