Cooper the labradoodle has been busy racking up frequent flier miles all over Canada.

On April 19, Cooper was placed on a WestJet flight by his owner, Terri Pittman, so the pup could stay with her family members in Deer Lake, Newfoundland while she and her roommate attended a wedding in Jamaica. However, instead of being sent to Deer Lake, Cooper ended up on a flight to Hamilton, Ontario, an area more than 1,200 miles from his intended destination.

Upon arrival in Hamilton, things went from bad to worse for little Cooper. According to CBC Radio-Canada, Cooper somehow wiggled his way free of his collar when airline workers let him out for a bathroom break after landing in Hamilton.

Upon hearing about Cooper’s plight, the citizens of Hamilton lept into action to help Pittman find her lost pet.

"Thousands of people helped me. With all the [social media] shares, and people searching and calling. Random people messaged me asking how they can help, and they're out around at three, four in the morning, looking around,” Pittman told CBC.

After a harrowing 24 hours, Cooper was finally found and reunited with his owners. “It’s the most overwhelming feeling of happiness,” Chelsea Simon, one of the dog’s owners, told the National Post.

“We are thrilled to report that after being spotted on the morning of Friday, April 21 by the search team, Cooper was found and reunited with his owner,” WestJet said in a statement.

WestJet noted that in the coming days it will be reviewing its procedures to find out what happened so it can ensure no pet is ever lost again: “Our primary focus was reuniting Cooper and his owner, and we are in touch with Terri to make sure he is okay. We have offered to pay for Cooper’s vet bill and will work on getting them back home as soon as they are rested."