How Likely For A Doctor To Be On Your Flight
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

You've heard it on the movies, and maybe even on one of your own flights: "Is there a doctor on the flight?" It happens more than you think. In 2013, the New England Journal of Medicine shared that in-flight medical emergencies happen on one in every 604 flights.

Gatwick Airport recently shared a study that shined a hopeful light on just how many doctors can be found on airplanes. According to the findings, there's a doctor onboard 11 out of 12 flights. What this means: Despite the fear that comes with falling ill or having an emergency on an airplane, it's probably one of the best places for it to happen in terms of receiving immediate assistance.

The study also shared that those traveling to Italy are most likely to be flying in the presence of a doctor, as it's where a good majority of medical conferences are held.

Gatwick Airport also shared other frequent-fliers you're most likely to find on your flights: finance professionals (44 percent), salespeople (43 percent), media professionals (38 percent), engineers (32 percent), marketing professionals (26 percent), and scientists (20 percent).