An American Airlines flight from Atlanta to Chicago was delayed four hours on Wednesday after a woman attacked a flight attendant and was escorted off the plane.

While the plane was taxiing to the runway, a fellow passenger said that the woman kept reclining her seat, according to CBS Chicago.

When a flight attendant asked the woman to stop, she became abusive and tried to attack the flight attendant.

One passenger took video of the woman walking to the back of the plane to speak with flight crew.

At one point, the woman’s dog was loose on the plane — a violation of American Airlines policy which states that pets must remain in their carriers and under seats for the duration of the flight.

“It’s gonna be a problem when we get to Chicago,” the woman said once she was back in her seat.

“We’re going back to the gate, we’re not going to Chicago,” cabin crew informed the woman.

Once back at the gate, police boarded the plane and escorted the woman off. FBI agents questioned several passengers about the incident before they were allowed to take off for Chicago O’Hare airport.

The flight left Hartsfield-Jackson at 9:42 p.m., over four hours after its scheduled departure. It arrived in Chicago without further incident one hour and 46 minutes later.

A spokesperson for the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport told local new affiliate NBC Chicago that the woman was not arrested and was rebooked on a different flight later that day.