Denver Airport Has a New App to Reserve a Socially Distanced Spot at Security

What to know about VeriFLY.

Among airports and airlines' creative responses to provide additional safety during the COVID-19 pandemic,Denver Airport has gone high tech to ensure social distancing with the help of a new app.

The app, called VeriFLY, offers services like a dedicated TSA screening line with reserved times and access to a special and socially distanced train car to the airport concourse. Released earlier this month, it was developed to help alleviate congestion at the airport and to better ensure social distancing for travelers passing through.

“Passengers at higher risk of contracting illnesses are encouraged to take advantage of this free program,” according to the airport website.

Up to two weeks before their intended departure date, travelers can create a VeriFLY account and reserve a 15-minute window to pass through the dedicated VeriFLY lane for security screening. Travelers must enter their personal travel information and take a selfie to verify their identity. Those traveling in groups are able to register one additional passenger on their VeriFLY reservation.

Within 24 hours of departure, travelers must log back onto the VeriFLY app to complete a health questionnaire. They should also separately remember to check in with their airline.

On the day of travel, VeriFLY users arrive at the airport during their reserved window, drop off any baggage with their airline and proceed to the dedicated VeriFLY security lane. Travelers must also complete a temperature check before passing through security.

The app produces an access code which travelers scan at a touchless, electronic gate during their dedicated time. After passing through the gate, they can proceed to either standard or PreCheck TSA screening. They then use the app’s QR code to access the dedicated VeriFLY car on the concourse train.

The number of reservations is limited by the hour to prevent crowding in the VeriFLY lanes.

VeriFLY is currently only available for iOS devices but will soon be made available in the Google Play store.

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