Everything You Need to Know About Booking Delta Comfort+ Seats

Delta Comfort+ Seating
Photo: Courtesy of Delta

More affordable than business class, but much less draconian than economy or basic economy, Delta Air Lines' Comfort+ seats offer travelers another option when it comes to fare pricing and amenities.

Travelers in Delta Comfort+ — which is similar to, but slightly beneath the airline's Premium Select offering — will enjoy additional legroom (up to 3 inches on all flights), dedicated overhead bin space (so you don't have to rush onto the plane to stow your carry-on), and priority boarding.

Passengers flying in Delta Comfort+ also have access to complimentary beer and wine on flights over 251 miles, and spirits on flights longer than 500 miles, as well as complimentary fresh fruit and premium snacks like frozen Greek yogurt bars on flights over 900 miles when there is otherwise no meal service.

This elevated cabin experience is available for flights within and between the United States, Canada, the Asia Pacific region (including Hong Kong), Latin America (including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru), and the Caribbean.

How to Buy Delta Comfort+ Tickets

In addition to choosing Delta Comfort+ when making the initial flight booking, travelers can also purchase this cabin experience as an add-on, as selecting Delta Comfort+ doesn't require a new ticket to be issued.

In fact, Delta Comfort+ can be added any time after the ticket is issued, up to three hours before the scheduled departure time, depending on availability. (This goes for First Class or Delta One tickets, too.)

You can also buy Delta Comfort+ seats using a different payment method than the one used on the original ticket. Customers can make this additional purchase by going to Delta's website and clicking through to the "My Trips" section, or by calling Delta's reservations hotline.

Regardless of their frequent flyer status, any traveler who purchases a basic economy ticket cannot upgrade to Delta Comfort+. Medallion members who request an upgrade from the standard economy fare, however, may receive a complimentary upgrade to Delta Comfort+.

Medallion members receive upgrades according to both availability as well as status: diamond and platinum members may receive upgrades immediately after purchasing their ticket, while gold members have to wait 72 hours before departure. Silver members may not receive an upgrade until 24 hours before departure.

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