By Cailey Rizzo
January 08, 2020
Delta Airlines
Credit: Courtesy of Delta

You’ve conquered the near-impossible and contorted your body into a comfortable position in your airplane seat. The meal service is over and you’re easing into a state of bliss. But, alas, nothing gold can stay. The episode you were watching on the seatback has ended, and now, your hand must leave the warm cocoon of your fleece blanket to press the “next episode” button. You fear you’ll never be comfortable again.

Delta Air Lines knows the agony of this moment and announced that it will introduce a “binge button” to its in-flight entertainment, according to The Verge. When passengers press this button, whatever series they’re fixated on will continue to play until it’s over. No more pressing “next episode” — just hours of uninterrupted television (hopefully without the shaming of Netflix’s "Are you still watching?" pop-ups).

Even better, passengers will be able to start watching their in-flight movies and shows from the moment they check in, with the use of the app. The app will personalize entertainment recommendations based on what you’ve watched before as well.

Delta also announced that it is testing the possibility of Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Passengers with wireless headphones would be able to use their own headphones to enjoy the in-flight entertainment instead of getting tangled up in the complimentary pair. Screen mirroring is another feature that could appear on Delta flights soon.

Future innovations with the airline could include the ability to order meal service to your arrival gate and pay for it with Delta SkyMiles.