It'll deliver your boarding pass with just one click.
Delta Check In
Credit: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In a continuation of their mission to streamline flying, Delta will now allow customers to check in automatically via the airline’s mobile app.

The newest version of Delta’s iOS and Android app supports a feature that automatically checks in passengers 24 hours before their flights depart.

Before departure, customers receive a notification or email, alerting them that it’s time to check in. They open the app, agree to the federal mandate for banned items, and then their boarding pass will automatically appear.

“Our customers have told us Delta can eliminate some of their stress associated with upcoming travel if they know their boarding pass is ready and can see their seat assignment,” Rhonda Crawford, Delta’s vice president of global distribution and digital strategy, said in a statement. “Auto check-in provides that peace of mind in a simple, automated solution that also saves valuable time.”

Once inside the app, customers can also add checked bags, change their seat assignment, or purchase upgrades for the flight.

The feature is only available for customers flying domestic routes who have already selected a seat (or will accept an auto-selected seat). Any passenger who requires special assistance, or is traveling with a pet or child, will need to manually check in with an agent.

Lufthansa already has a similar automatic check-in. Customers receive their boarding pass via SMS or email about 23 hours before departure if they’ve signed up for the automatic check-in. The service is only available for flights within the Schengen Zone.

Last year, Delta started using luggage tags embedded with RFID chips. The tags allowed passengers to automatically track their bags as they traveled. The tags also worked with the Delta app to send customers notifications about their bag’s location.