Delta Air Lines just rolled out a new offer where flyers can access Main Cabin 1 boarding status for just $59 a year.

Membership to their latest club, SkyMiles Select, will get you on a flight earlier and can (almost) guarantee overhead bin storage on your next flight.

Though it may sound like an outstanding perk, USA Today noted that Main Cabin 1 flyers still board after pre-boarders, DeltaOne, Medallion members, first-class, and Delta Comfort+ passengers. But after they're on, it’s all you.

"Customers have told us they want more ways to access benefits when traveling with Delta, and we know priority boarding is a valuable benefit as it gives customers more time to get settled before their flight," Delta spokeswoman Kathryn Steele told USA Today. "We’ll look to expand the types of benefits they can access through SkyMiles Select based on feedback from this test."

Beyond getting to board just a bit sooner, the program also comes with eight drink vouchers and a limited edition baggage tag, all of which Delta values at $100.

Delta Airlines
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For travelers who often have children in tow and need extra bin space or if you’re someone who worries about having to gate check important luggage, this may be the answer to your concern. Otherwise, it may be best to try to stick with flying Delta for your flights and reach their silver, gold, platinum, or diamond medallion status — all of which will gain you entry to the plane before main boarding group one.

Additionally, travelers hoping to get early boarding access could also apply for any of Delta’s credit card offerings, which often come with this perk and many more. But no matter what you do, just try to stick to the carry-on sizing recommendations for the sake of your fellow flyers. Please.