By Alison Fox
February 10, 2020
Kenley Britton, her mom, and Delta flight attendants
Kenley Britton, her mom, and Delta flight attendants
| Credit: Courtesy of Delta Air Lines

When a little girl’s doll featuring a photo of her deployed military dad and a loving audio message went missing on a Delta flight, the airline sprung into action. A few days later, the “Daddy Doll” was strapped into a seat on the plane and on its way back home.

Arielle Saige Britton first posted about her daughter Kenley’s missing doll on Feb. 5, writing on Facebook that the doll goes “everywhere she goes because her dada is deployed.” The pair were traveling from Hartford, Conn., to their home in Georgia when the doll got lost somewhere between the Connecticut and Atlanta airports.

The doll is extra special, she explained, because it features a photo of Kenley’s dad, who is overseas, as well as a goodnight message he recorded before he left “that she listens to every night.”

Britton called the airports and Delta to report the missing doll, and by Friday, Delta had it strapped into an airplane seat headed back home.

“We found your doll, Kenley!” Delta tweeted. “He’s missed you, but don’t worry. We’re bringing him home.”

Britton told CNN that a pair of Delta employees delivered the doll to their Savannah, Ga., home on Saturday — along with some extra gifts for 18-month-old Kenley, including a stuffed Delta plane and a handwritten note detailing all her Daddy Doll’s flying adventures.

"Last night was the first night since we've been home that I didn't have to go in and put her back to sleep in the middle of the night… Delta went above and beyond what was necessary," Britton told CNN, adding that Delta even told her that before finding the doll they planned to send a recorder to her husband so they could remake the doll for her.

Kenley Britton and her doll
Credit: Courtesy of Delta Air Lines

Britton added on Facebook that the airline also helped little Kenley learn a new world, “cookie,” by sending along her favorite Biscoff cookies — a signature snack of the airline.

She added that Delta “not only showed up, but they showed out!”