Delta Will Now Serve Spiked Seltzer at 40,000 Feet

Passengers enjoying spiked seltzer.
Photo: Courtesy of Delta

Just because you’re at 40,000 feet doesn’t mean your tipple options should be limited.

Beginning in March, Delta is adding BON & VIV spiked seltzers to their beverage cart options. Whether you’re gluten-free, counting calories or just like the taste of a spiked seltzer, the new option expands on the typical wine, beer and mixed drinks that are available while flying.

The alcoholic drink choice will be available for free to passengers in Delta One, Delta Premium Select, First Class and Delta Comfort+ classes. Those in the main cabin will have to pay $8 for a 12-ounce can.

BON & VIV seltzer
Courtesy of BON & VIV

“Spiked seltzer has been a fast-growing trend in the beverage industry, so we knew it was something our customers wanted,” Mike Crowley, Delta’s vice president of on-board service operations, said in a statement.

The zero-sugar drink only has 90 calories and comes in either grapefruit or lemon-lime flavors.

“Customers can expect to see other new products and innovations including more proprietary mixers and elevated craft cocktail presentations throughout the year,” Crowley said.

Delta began a “cocktail of the month” program last year and gave a major upgrade to in-flight dining in economy class with expanded offerings. Between the new meal options and its “binge button” option available on inflight entertainment, Delta may finally be proving that the journey is just as enjoyable as the destination.

JetBlue was the first U.S. airline to serve in-flight spiked seltzer. The airline added cans of Truly White Berry flavor to its beverage options in November 2019.

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