“We’ve now reached our cruising altitude” meets “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”
delta airlines flight crew attendant
Credit: Courtesy of Delta

If you've ever wished “The Real World” or “Big Brother” included a little more drama about exit rows, seatbelt signs, and overhead bins, Delta is about to make your dreams come true.

The airline announced the premiere of their own reality miniseries about becoming one of their flight attendants, with a preview and premiere episode now available online.

The series, entitled “Earning Our Wings,” chronicles the journeys of some of Delta’s flight-attendants-in-training as they complete a “grueling eight-week training program that tests their limits.” The series is meant to show what it really takes to become a flight attendant — a job that goes to only about 1 percent of the more than 100,000 people who apply for it.

The series preview shows trainees practicing intense safety procedures, including jumping from a plane into a pool and helping “passengers” onto life rafts during a mock water landing. As one trainee puts it, “I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.”

Then, in the miniseries’ first episode, trainees begin to tell their stories, explaining why they were interested in becoming flight attendants and what drew them to the travel lifestyle, and arrive at orientation for the first time. The episode also includes a short tour of the Delta training campus as trainees learn more about the airline industry.

delta airlines flight crew attendant zac posen uniform
Credit: Courtesy of Delta

While the episodes are only a few minutes long and (so far) don’t include any rose ceremonies or elimination challenges, this inside look into the fascinating flight attendant training process does have the potential for dramatic twists and turns ahead.

The first episode of Earning Our Wings is the only one currently available, Delta promises more to come on their site and on YouTube.

And if the raw look at the process of becoming a flight attendant doesn’t scare you off, Delta recently announced that they’re hiring for the position again this year.