This lazy little bird didn't want to use its own wings to get to Atlanta.

Delta Airlines Boeing 717 Airplane Airport
Credit: FG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

The last thing you want on your flight is a bird-brained pilot in the cockpit — or an actual bird in the cockpit.

On Saturday, Dec. 31, a small bird — witnesses say it may have been a sparrow or a hummingbird — flew into the cockpit of Delta Air Lines flight 1943.

The bird was spotted before takeoff in Detroit by a pilot, according to the Washington Post, however after workers searched the cockpit and found no bird in sight, the plane took off for Atlanta.

But shortly after takeoff, the bird made another appearance in the cockpit. According to the National Post, the pilot made the announcement to turn the plane around and land back in Detroit, which was met with a “chorus of groans” from passengers.

The plane reportedly made it almost halfway to Atlanta before turning back.

After landing back in Detroit, some passengers had to deplane to find alternative flights in order to meet their connections to other destinations.

After a brief search, airport workers eventually found the little bird that caused so much trouble.

A Delta spokesperson said in a statement: “Out of an abundance of caution, the Captain made the decision to return to Detroit to avoid a potential distraction during flight. The bird was safely removed and set free.”

We suppose the tiny bird will have to use its own wings to make it to Atlanta.