By Andrea Romano
April 17, 2019
Overhead luggage compartment
Credit: vanbeets/Getty Images

The battle for overhead bin space is one that many travelers are familiar with.

No matter what flight you’re on, you can bet you’re going to run into some fellow passengers who don’t know the proper way to pack an overhead storage bin and take up way too much space with their belongings.

The result? Some people end up having to unnecessarily check their luggage, and sometimes these items contain some precious or irreplaceable cargo.

But one passenger found a unique way to find some extra space for his most valued possession when overhead space ran out.

According to Classic FM, violinist Giora Schmidt just barely made his Delta Airlines flight to Cincinnati on April 8. Naturally, he found himself in a predicament when all the overhead bin space was taken by the time he arrived.

That posed a big problem, considering Schmidt was also in possession of his violin, which he told the flight attendant was an “Italian antique,” according to Classic FM. But rather than cause a scene, potentially delaying the entire flight by refusing to check the instrument, Schmidt and the flight attendant struck a deal.

“She said, ‘If you play a concert for us I’ll find you space.’ I said ‘sure ok,’ thinking she was joking,” Schmidt told Classic FM.

Of course, he obliged.

The flight attendant apparently announced to the entire cabin that there would be a “little concert” on board in exchange for a few passengers transferring their belongings under their seats to make room for Schmidt’s violin.

According to Classic FM, Schmidt began playing after beverage service, and his fellow passengers were happy to move some things around so he didn’t have to part with his instrument.

Schmidt posted a video, which was taken by one of his fellow passengers, of himself playing Bach's "E major Prelude" on Facebook.

“This was an absolute first for me. I couldn’t believe how much the passengers appreciated it — filming on their phones, and with a huge round of applause at the end,” Schmidt told Classic FM.

A free concert by an internationally renowned violinist is the best kind of in-flight entertainment. A little common courtesy isn't bad either.