Dad Makes His Daughter Hilarious Posters Every Time He Picks Her Up From the Airport

And the internet is loving it.

A dad holding creative signs to pick up his daughter at the airport
Photo: Courtney Payne via Twitter

We all have relatives who like to infuse a bit of humor in everyday tasks, but one Kansas city dad has turned picking up his daughter from the airport into an all-out event, according to Insider.

Courtney Payne, a nutrition student at the University of Oregon, posted a viral tweet on Sunday demonstrating just how creative her dad, Doug Payne, gets when she flies home to Kansas.

Courtney told Insider that her dad has been greeting her at the airport with hilarious signs since fall break last year. The first one simply said “Kardashian” in capital letters, making it look like a celebrity limo driver sign. At the time, Courtney posted the photo on her Snapchat story, and many of her friends thought it was very funny.

A dad dressed as an elf holding a sign for his daughter at the airport
Courtney Payne via Twitter

Since then, Doug Payne has greeted his daughter with different signs: one that bestowed the title of Miss Oregon, another with country singer Miranda Lambert's name, and one more that put Courtney on Santa’s “naughty list” for this year’s holiday break. For the last one, Doug even dressed up in a full elf costume, and Courtney’s mom joined the fun by shaking jingle bells.

According to Insider, Doug Payne is a retired police officer who has a penchant for pranks. “He's just always been a prankster,” Courtney told Insider. “It still embarrasses me, but not as much as it did when I was 14.”

With a collection of funny photos, Courtney made a bet with her dad that if she tweeted them, the post would go viral and they would wind up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. At the time of publishing this story, her tweet had gotten 61,000 likes and 5,500 retweets. So, their dream of going on Ellen may just come true.

Lots of folks on Twitter have expressed how much they love Doug’s signs, even posting some that their own families have done. Others have said that Courtney is especially lucky to have a parent who loves to pick her up from the airport this much.

The experience of posting these photos online has made Courtney realize how much her dad does for her, even when it’s just picking her up from the airport. “Not everyone has parents who can even pick them up at airports or do things for them like my dad does for me, so I definitely feel very lucky,” Courtney told Insider.

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