Inheritance Left On Airplane
Credit: Dmitriy Kazachenko/Getty Images

A couple flying from Chicago to Munich left $166,000 on their plane on Monday and continued on their merry way without realizing anything was missing.

According to a federal police report, the Bavarian couple passed through customs (with ID cards) and forgot that they had left a bag in the overhead compartment. Inside that bag were their passports and three American cashier’s checks—worth a total of $166,000—which the man had just inherited from his mother.

Luckily, a cleaner spotted the bag in the compartment and handed it over to the airline. In turn, the airline handed the bag over to the police who found the considerable sum inside.

But by the time police had figured out the identity of the bag owners, the couple had already left the airport. Police tracked them down to their home about two hours away, in Upper Palatinate, where they informed the couple that they had left behind something rather important.

The 69-year-old man rushed back to the airport where it was reported that he was “delighted” to be reunited with his personal effects.