Where you'll save and spend the most on airfare. 

By Talia Avakian
September 10, 2016

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Flight comparison website Kiwi.com analyzed over a million flights from 75 countries popular with tourists to break down which destinations offer the cheapest and most expensive domestic and international flights.

The study includes low-cost and full-service airlines, during both peak and off-peak dates, with average ticket costs calculated per 100 kilometers—or about 62 miles—traveled.

Domestic flights are based on average costs from the country’s capital to up to five major cities in the country, or to cities in neighboring countries when domestic flights were not available. International flights are based on average costs from all of the international airports in the country to up to five international hubs.

India took the top spot for cheapest flights, at an average cost of $3.25 per 100 kilometers. The country's ranking was thanks to a particularly low domestic flight costs.

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Malaysia, Russia, Portugal, and Indonesia trailed closely behind India with cheap average flight prices.

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates had the most expensive flight costs, with an average cost of $105.71 per 100 kilometers.

Domestic flight prices in the UAE had an average cost of $181.38 per 100 kilometers on low-cost carriers, and $220.36 for full-service flights.

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Finland had the second highest prices, at an average of $50.98 per 100 kilometers, and Qatar came in third with an average of $50.37.

China had the cheapest and Canada had the most expensive international flights.

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The data also found that flight prices overall have dropped by 12.5 percent since the last year, due to increased competition and airlines' savings on fuel.

Talia Avakian is a digital reporter at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @TaliaAvak.