Someone call Samuel L. Jackson. We have a sequel for him.
airplane cockroach insect infestation china airline
Credit: Getty Images/EyeEm; Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF

Officials found more than 100 cockroaches on two airplanes that landed at Kunming's Changshui International Airport, in China.

Details are sparse, and what we don't know about the cockroaches is almost more concerning that what we do know. As Shanghaiist reported, it's not clear how the cockroaches got on board, which airline — or airlines — they may have infiltrated, or where they came from.

One thing that officials do know is that the insects were German cockroaches, or Blattella germanica, a specific species of cockroach that are small and not necessarily from Germany.

There aren't any photos available of the cockroaches (we'll leave that up to your imagination), but China News Service has one photo showing crew inspecting one of the planes.

Small creatures on planes are, however, not uncommon. Scorpions — half as disgusting and twice as terrifying as cockroaches — were found on flights in September, June, and May of this year alone.

Creatures of the insect and arachnid variety are not of the most concern to airlines, though: It's mice and other rodents — which can chew through wiring and do some serious damage — that can really delay a flight.