Learn from her mistake, future flyers.

By Erika Owen
March 29, 2016
Credit: Getty Images

A 50-year-old Chinese woman managed to engage the emergency slide on a China Southern Airlines flight after mistaking an emergency exit for an airplane bathroom last Friday. Mashable reports that the airplane was readying for departure when the incident took place. According to multiple accounts from passengers, after the emergency exit was opened, the cabin was filled with a loud hissing sound (what we now know to be the emergency slide), sending fellow flyers into a bit of a panic. As a result, the entire plane was evacuated and underwent a two-hour delay before successfully departing for Shenzhen.

Soon after the mix-up, the confused traveler shared that it was her first time on an airplane and she thought there was another bathroom behind the emergency exit door. The flyer was just trying to find another option aside from waiting in the long line that was forming for the actual bathroom. Airplanes can be confusing—we'll give you that. But file this under: things never to do when on an airplane, first-time flyer or not. At least she wasn't trying to open a door mid-flight like this passenger.

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