Cheap Ways to Travel to Europe
Credit: Courtesy of WOW Air

Thanks to fierce competition among a growing number of budget airlines, rock-bottom flights to Europe are now a reality. And we don’t just mean a flurry of flash sales.

This year, a number of low-cost carriers have made it possible to fly across the Atlantic for as little as $69 one-way.

With a fleet of new energy-efficient aircraft (Boeing 737MAX and low-emission Airbus 321, 320-200, and 330-300), airlines are able to slash ticket prices — and affordable jet fuel and floundering international currencies have helped drive prices even lower.

Of course, these airlines won’t offer much other than a way to get where you’re going. These frill-free fares rarely include a checked bag, or the ability to select seats with your travel partner. You’ll want to pack light and be flexible to avoid amassing ancillary fees.

For rock-bottom prices on your next flight to Europe, these are the airlines to watch.


This carrier launches in June with flights between Barcelona and Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. One-way fares start at $149, with extra fees for seat assignments, checked bags, and food.

Norwegian Air

After a $65 launch sale, Norwegian began offering bargain $139 transatlantic flights from Stewart International Airport (located 60 miles north of New York City) and from Providence, R.I., to Ireland and the U.K.

Wow Air

The Iceland-based airline recently offered $70 tickets from Boston, San Francisco, and Miami to a handful of European cities, including Berlin and London. Next month it begins flying from Chicago to Reykjavík.