It's tough being an A-list jetsetter.

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
June 09, 2016
Karlie Kloss slams Philippine Airlines
Credit: Getty Images

Supermodel Karlie Kloss had a less-than-super experience recently when flying Philippine Airlines. The former Victoria’s Secret model took to social media to complain about the terrible customer service after missing her flight home.

“@flyPAL has the worst customer service of all time,” the model shared with 1.28 million followers. “Most budget airline. Rude and disrespectful. Shame on you.” Her picture, which was originally shared on Snapchat, had text that read, “No one flying Philippine Airlines and now I know why.”

The 23-year-old expanded on her upsetting incident: “I travel international on a weekly basis and I have never had a worse customer experience than I have tonight. Thanks Philippine Airlines.” The airline responded within an hour saying, “Hi, Karlie. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and the disappointment you felt. Please send us your ticket details.”

Kloss is one of the many celebrities who has taken on commercial airlines lately. Weatherman Sam Champion got into a Twitter war with American Airlines recently, accusing them of excessive delays and pulling him off a plane. “Hey @AmericanAir,” he wrote. “Delayed twice... now pulled off a flight after waiting all day and not getting home.” An exchange ensued on social media between American Airlines and Champion, with fans getting in on the action.

Other classic airline rage moments have come from everyone from A-listers to musicians. lashed out at United, tweeting that the airline had kicked him out of a first class lounge. Amanda Seyfried accused American Airlines of tipping off the paparazzi. Kristen Chenoweth accused a flight attendant on the same airline of becoming verbally abusive. And Alec Baldwin complained about an American Airlines attendant forcing him to turn his phone off before take off.

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