Cathay Pacific
Credit: Courtesy of Cathay Pacific

You can usually expect a fine dining experience when you’re traveling business class, but one airline is taking premium class meals to a new level.

Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific is bringing a five-star restaurant experience to its dining service on Boeing 777 flights to Chicago in July, to further expand to 34 destinations by June 2019.

The new program features individually plated meals from an à la carte menu offering up to six entrees and three starters, Australian Business Traveler reported.

The airline said that the menus will also offer lighter and healthier meals and feature a special entree for each route.

“The new Business Class service elevates the customer experience towards the First Class service, offering a far higher degree of personalisation,” an airline spokesperson told the publication. “First Class will continue to offer higher degrees of privacy, more space, better amenities and fine dining menus.”

The new changes aren’t just coming to dinner service either. Customers will be able to fill out a customized breakfast card before turning in on super long-haul flights so they can wake up to a special morning meal. Airlines like Qantas also offer similar services.

If there is one way to help with jet lag, it's fresh coffee and some bacon.