Busiest European Airports
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Every year, the Airports Council International Europe (ACI Europe) pulls together data on airports all around the continent. From traffic to passenger growth, the report shares important insight into the destinations that are making their way onto travelers' itineraries.

Once again, London Heathrow Airport pulls in the title for busiest airport in Europe. This airport was also named Europe's busiest in the 2015 report. With more than 75.7 million passengers in 2016, ACI shared that the total traffic from the travel hub grew one percent over 2015's numbers.

Busiest Airports

  1. London Heathrow: 75.7 million, 1 percent growth
  2. Paris Charles de Gaulle: 65.9 million, 0.3 percent growth
  3. Amsterdam: 63.6 million, 9.2 percent growth
  4. Frankfurt: 60.8 million, -0.4 percent growth
  5. Istanbul: 60 million, -2.1 percent growth

But the most interesting part of the report may not be the busiest airport, but the airports that saw the most growth in 2016.

As The Telegraph reports, three of the up-and-coming airports are located in Romania: Oradea International Airport (488 percent growth), Iași International Airport (131 percent growth), and Aurel Vlaicu International Airport in Bucharest (122 percent growth). What this means: Either a lot more people are visiting Romania, or people living in Romania have caught a severe case of wanderlust (both great things).

Fastest-growing Airports

  1. Oradea, Romania: 488 percent growth
  2. Iași, Romania: 131 percent growth
  3. Bucharest BBU, Romania: 122 percent growth
  4. Ostend, Belgium: 65 percent growth
  5. Palanga, Lithuania: 60 percent growth

On another side of Europe, one country is seeing a big increase in passenger numbers: Iceland, with 40 percent growth since 2015. Romania also shows up on this list, justifying the high numbers found for their fastest-growing airports.

Countries with the Largest Passenger Growth

  1. Iceland, 40 percent
  2. Romania, 24 percent
  3. Ukraine, 23 percent
  4. Bulgaria, 22 percent
  5. Cyprus, 18 percent

For more insight on the full report, head to the ACI website.