By Cailey Rizzo
April 30, 2019
British Airways and the British spread that has been dividing the nation since 1902, Marmite, have teamed up to create a limited-edition jar to celebrate the airline’s centenary
Credit: Nick Morrish/British Airways

In honor of 100 years in the sky, British Airways is getting even more... British.

Passengers aboard British Airways will be able to purchase a travel-size jar of Marmite, specially designed to honor the airline’s centennial.

The spread has a divisive taste. You either love it or you hate it (in fact, that’s the product’s slogan), but you definitely know it if you’re British. The spread, made from yeast extract, has practically been written into national DNA since its introduction in 1902.

The airline’s limited edition jar contains 70 mg of the spread — ensuring that you’ll be able to get it through security just fine. The jar has a union jack on the label, with a British Airways logo. It’s available to purchase for about $4 (£3).

“It’s clear that customers like to enjoy their [favorite] brands like Marmite while [traveling] or when they’re abroad,” Hamish McVey, the airline’s head of brand and marketing, said in a statement. “We work with some of the best of British to bring them to our customers on board our flights and now, in our centenary year we will have even more brands alongside Marmite that our customers can enjoy.”

The Marmite jar is just part of British Airway’s centennial programming. It has also partnered with Scottish brewery BrewDog to offer passengers a “Transatlantic IPA,” which they are calling the world’s first beer brewed on a flight.

For those who doubt the fervency of the British love for Marmite: it’s apparently the most confiscated food item at security at London City Airport, with six jars confiscated every day. (It was once so bad that in 2017 the airport declared a “Marmite amnesty” wherein travelers could trade in their oversize Marmite jars for travel-approved sizes. The airport donates confiscated food items to a local food bank.)