By Melanie Lieberman
May 08, 2014
Etihad Airways

Forget about seat pitch and roomy armrests: on Etihad Airways, you can book The Residence. This private, three-room cabin is a spacious 125-square-feet, and more akin to a boutique hotel room than an airplane seat.

Etihad recently revealed its plans to transform travelers’ understanding of luxury. The industry’s first-ever multi-room reservation is suitable for single or double occupancy, and includes all the luxe amenities and hospitality typically reserved for five-star resorts.

Etihad Airways

Perched at the front of the plane on the upper deck, guests in The Residence will enjoy a living room, outfitted with leather seating (from Poltrona Frau, the suppliers of Ferrari’s sleek Italian interiors), a separate bedroom, and an en-suite bathroom with a shower.

Etihad Airways

A VIP Travel Concierge team, including a personal butler trained at the London Savoy Butler Academy, will guarantee that every moment of your trip is seamlessly coordinated. From specially prepared meals to ground transport, Etihad Airways seems determined to make air travel a larger player in the hospitality game.

Melanie Lieberman is an editorial intern and a member of the Trip Doctor News Team.