You can eat your meals on fine china while relaxing in a lounge chair on Boeing's Private 787.

Private Boeing 787 Dreamliner Jet
Credit: Courtesy of Dubai Air Show

If you thought you were fancy for flying first class then it’s time to think again, because Boeing’s private 787 Dreamliner is totally next level.

The plane opened its very luxurious cabin doors to reporters at the Dubai Air Show in early November and showed everyday folks just how the astonishingly rich and famous can fly.

The plane, which can usually fit upwards of 325 people, has been totally transformed into a flying oasis for just a select few travelers.

Aviation blogger Sam Chui was lucky enough to step onboard and shared the entire experience with his followers in a YouTube video. And as Chui showed, the luxury began the second he stepped on the plane as crew members helped him swap out his shoes for a pair of comfy slippers.

Next, Chui showed off the plane’s over-the-top entryway, which looks closer to a 5-star hotel than an aircraft. The entry then flows into the plane’s main lounge area, which again is completely transformed into the lavish dining and relaxing area that can hold up to 16 guests at a time. There, guests can either cozy up to watch a movie on the plane’s lounge chairs or have tea time or meals made by the onboard chef, all served on fine china.

Behind another door in the lobby is the plane’s private master bedroom that comes complete with a lush super-king bed and enough throw pillows for everyone on board. There, guests can snooze, watch T.V., or just relax in total solitude.

Off the bedroom sits the master washroom, which comes appointed with stone finishes, a shower, and a double sink vanity.

Behind the lounge there is also a more traditional first-class cabin with 18 lay-flat seats in case you want to bring your entire entourage with you.

Indeed, each and every square foot of the plane comes complete with only the highest caliber amenities including hardwood floors and hand-tufted carpets with silk sewn right in. Now if only everyone could afford the $70,000 an hour price tag.