By Erika Owen
April 01, 2016
Fox News

There are strange things that happen every day, but one of the strangest from this week had to be the Boeing 767 emergency slide that fell thousands of feet and landed on a house in Mesa, Arizona. According to a local news source, the slide became detached from a Phoenix-bound flight. I can only imagine what that must have sounded like to passengers.

The slide fell 2,800 feet before coming to a stop on Andrea Self's doorstep. She shared a few words with CBS: "It was a loud bang and then the house actually shook. [It] smelled like sulfur burning. Someone else had called 911 and said that they had seen an object falling from an airplane."

Luckily, no one was harmed from this surprise drop-in and the plane landed safely. The FAA is currently investigating the situation.

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