Boeing's New 777X Is the World's Biggest Twin-engine Jet — Here's What It Looks Like Inside (Video)

Curious travelers are now getting a first look inside the world’s largest twin-engine jet.

Earlier this week, Boeing unveiled some of the features and potential cabin designs passengers will soon find on board the 777X.

Building on the cabins of the Boeing 777 and 787 Dreamliner, the new 777X will create a more spacious flight experience.

Its cabins will be four inches wider thanks to wall reductions of two inches on each side, and windows will be 16 percent larger than those found on the current 777 to provide every passenger with better views throughout their flight.

The windows will also be raised by two and a half inches to allow for more light and views even for passengers who won't be at a window seat.

According to the reveal, the business class cabin will have mechanical window shades and the option for dimmable windows (at the discretion of each aircraft owner).

A concept image of business class on the 777X.
A concept image of business class on the 777X. Courtesy of Boeing

Airlines will also be able to customize ceilings. Overhead bins are sculpted concavely to once again provide a more spacious feel while still allowing passengers one overhead bag per person.

The design is also meant to make it easier for passengers to close bins, reducing effort by 40 percent compared to previous models, according to Boeing representatives.

Bin design on the 777X will allow for easy closing and increase the visual space of the cabin.
Courtesy of Boeing

LED lighting features will provide a calming ambiance throughout, while wider cabins will also allow airlines to customize cabin alignments that include direct aisle access in business class.

The 777X family will include the 777-8X and the 777-9X. The 777-9X can seat more than 400 passengers, while the 777-8X can seat some 350 passengers.

In addition to its customizable and more spacious cabin features, the 777X fleet will also allow for 12 percent lower fuel consumption, utilizing the world’s biggest engine. The aircraft will include folding wingtips that make it possible to taxi into normal gates at airports but also reach a huge amount of lift and minimize drag while in the skies.

It's important to note that the business class cabin in Boeing’s reveal is just a model concept, and airlines will have the option to customize as they see fit.

The first flight of the Boeing 777X is currently scheduled for 2019, with the first delivery slated for 2020. Boeing already has over 300 orders for the new 777X with airlines that include All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airlines.

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