United Is Officially Bringing Back Biscoff Cookies After Devoted Fans Put Up a Fight

Turns out Biscoff Cookies might be as divisive on airplanes as reclining your seat.

Package and pieces of Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelised Biscuit

One of your favorite snacks on United is disappearing — for a little while, at least.

According to CNN, United Airlines announced recently that customer favorite Biscoff Cookies will be replaced by another cookie in March. However, after social media backlash, the airline announced the cookies will be available again in May, according to Eater.

Don’t worry, your precious stroopwafels are staying put for now. But if you’re looking for a buttery, cinnamon-and-ginger-packed cookie on your flight between March and May, you will be found wanting.

“As promised, we continue to switch up our snacks for variety," Andrea Hiller, a spokesperson for United, said in a statement to CNN. Instead of the beloved Lotus brand Biscoffs, United will be offering Oreo Thins as a replacement.

This is actually good news for people who aren’t into cinnamon and ginger, though Biscoffs have a bit of cult following, according to CNN. One that rivals stroopwafels.

In Belgium, Biscoffs are called Speculoos (which, you can buy in cookie butter form from Trader Joe’s). The cookies have been around for centuries but only appeared on United back in September 2019, according to Eater. At first, they were offered in first class before the airline decided to offer them in Economy in August 2019. It was a fleeting moment of luxury for those of us who fly on a budget.

Since then, they’ve been considered a nice treat for passengers that is a little more elevated than regular cookies. It’s like drinking a bloody Mary or ginger ale — it’s just better on planes.

Naturally, Biscoff fans on social media were not happy with the change before it was announced that the beloved cookie was actually returning.


Others were actually happy about the change. Cinnamon and ginger is a very particular taste, after all.

It should be pointed out that Oreos are also a delightful snack, even if flights rarely offer milk for dunking. Though, we’re not sure they compare with Biscoffs.

If you’re truly devoted to the Biscoff way of life, you can always get them on Delta Air Lines for the foreseeable future.

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