An airport encounter leads to an adventure in the skies.

What It's Like to Fly With Bill Murray
Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Musicians Ruby Boots and Nikki Lane were in for quite the surprise when they headed to the airport for a Southwest flight out of Chicago.

The duo had performed together at a Halloween concert before taking their flight a day later than planned, only to spot a legendary face navigating the terminal, according to the Southwest blog.

Actor, comedian, and writer Bill Murray was walking by, and Lane struck up a conversation by mentioning a mutual friend. Murray was taking the same flight as Boots and Lane, to Nashville, and the three ended up walking through the airport together.

“It seemed that he adopted us, in a roundabout way, to help him get through the sea of people asking him for photos,” said Boots.

The three took a silly photo on the flight, and spent the trip chatting about everything from baseball to “music and things that we love in life,” Boots said.

It seems Murray enjoyed their company as much as they did his: He asked the two to join him for lunch and hang out at the Nashville airport before his connecting flight to Charleston.

“Of course, we obliged!” Boots said.