Start planning your 2017 trips now.

By Talia Avakian
December 15, 2016
Oli Kellett/Getty Images

“Travel more” is a popular New Year's resolution, but making it happen is more complicated. For most people, the cost of travel is an impediment that makes finding great deals vital for making the resolution reality.

While not foolproof — because nothing about air travel is foolproof — booking on some days is cheaper than others. According to a new report from Expedia, Sundays could be the cheapest day for booking a flight.

The report, produced in collaboration with Airlines Reporting Corporation, looked at data on tickets purchased from January 1 through October 24, both on a global scale and broken down into geographic regions.

For travelers visiting the United States from another country, average ticket prices on Sundays were close to 50 percent lower than those on Fridays, which was considered the worst day of the week for savings.

For travelers flying domestically in the U.S., average ticket prices on Sunday were 11 percent cheaper, and for travelers flying from the U.S. to Europe, prices on Sunday were 16 percent cheaper. Within Europe, average prices on Sunday were about 30 percent cheaper. See the complete breakdown from different continents in Expedia's report.

However, there's a catch to prices being cheaper on Sunday: Business travelers often book and fly during the week, and pay higher prices for more flexible tickets and for travel dates closer to the date of booking.

Last year’s report also pointed to this shift, indicating that weekends were now cheaper than Tuesdays, which had previously been identified as the cheapest day.

To find the best price for a specific destination and travel dates, travelers should use all the tools available to them: Both Hopper and Google Flights offer price alerts when airfares go down.