He presented a photo as evidence.

Beer Seen in Airplane Cockpit Upon Landing
Credit: Caters News Agency

There are many things that have the potential to cause concern for passengers on an airplane. Seeing alcohol in the plane’s cockpit is one of them.

Steve Lewis, a passenger on a Jet2 flight from Alicante, Spain to Birmingham, England, claims that he spotted a can of Stella Artois sitting by one of the plane’s pilots “for 20 minutes” as soon as they opened the cockpit doors as the plane landed in Birmingham.

“The plane had landed and the seatbelt light came on. I stood up to get my suitcase and as I did the cockpit door opened and I noticed the can. I turned to my partner Steven, who didn’t believe me at first, but then he noticed you could clearly see the Stella branding,” Lewis told Metro.

Lewis complained to the airline about the incident, but said he was initially told that his photo could not have been taken on his flight, despite the Jet2 branding that can be seen on the top left corner, according to Metro. Then, Lewis said the airline changed its statement.

“This is what upset me the most, I explained to [the representative] that I could prove it was taken on the Alicante to Birmingham flight and she replied to say that the can had been given to the pilot for safe keeping,” he said.

In a statement to Metro, Jet2 said: “Upon further investigation of the photograph, we can confirm that it is an unopened can which had been handed to a member of our cabin crew by a customer when they were leaving the aircraft. This unopened can was then put down in the cockpit by the member of cabin crew, so that she could continue helping customers as they disembarked.”

Lewis remains skeptical of the airline's story. “I just don’t think it is appropriate to have any alcohol near the flight deck,” he said.