Baby born on Turkish Airlines flight
Credit: Courtesy of Turkish Airlines

Flying causes enough anxiety as it is, but having a baby mid-flight?

Even if you planned for that — which no one does since it's not supposed to happen — it's a terrifying thought. But a Turkish Airlines crew jumped into action when a passenger who was 28 weeks pregnant started going into labor at 42,000 feet.

Nafi Diaby was on a flight from Conarky, Guinea when she began to feel some pain and discomfort. The crew as well as some passengers aided in the delivery — it's a girl! — and the mother and her newborn were transported to a hospital in Burkina Faso once the plane landed.

The baby girl was named Kadiju, which when you look to, means "premature child" — quite fitting for the occasion. According to Mashable, the airline said that both mother and baby are doing great.

So, what happens when a baby is born over international waters? Do they get the nationality of the plane's origin? Destination? NPR did a deep dive into how this situation is handled, and it apparently has a lot to do with where the airplane or airline is registered. Some nations also acknowledge a baby's citizenship if they were born while traveling above and within its borders.

Luckily, this doesn't happen all too often, given that it can be an incredibly dangerous situation. In Diaby and Kadiju's case, we've got a very happy ending.