By Erika Owen
December 05, 2016
Baby Born On Southwest Flight
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| Credit: Photo Illustration: Mariah Tyler Images:GC Images;Getty Images/Blend Images RM

A pregnant woman flying aboard Southwest from Philadelphia to Orlando gave birth to a baby boy mid-flight on Sunday.

The airplane made an emergency landing in Charleston around 4:30pm—about one-and-a-half hours after the flight took off from Philadelphia.

The flight crew and additional media personnel onboard aided in the delivery, which Twitter user Izzy Gould described as a “great job” done by all. Gould captured a video where you can hear the newborn crying toward the front of the plane.

According to WHIO Dayton News, the new mother was 26 weeks along, and both parents were transported to a hospital in Charleston after landing. All in all, USA Today reports that the rest of the passengers arrived at their final destination only an hour behind schedule at 6:34pm ET—another feat in itself.