It's something we all ponder upon booking airfare or stepping foot on an airplane: window or aisle?

For some, the window seat offers the versatility of a wall that also acts as a pillow prop. For others, the aisle seat provides the extra room to stretch you need on a long-haul flight.

And chef and celebrity Anthony Bourdain? He's more of a window seat traveler.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Bourdain joined Chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin to talk all things travel. Both spend tons of time in an airplane cabin, but there's one spot you're more likely to find Bourdain.

“Aisle, if you've got a weak bladder. Window, if you just want to sleep undisturbed,” Bourdain said. “I'm a sleeper. I want to crash out. I've been doing this for years.”

He continued: “I've been getting on planes for 200 days a year. As soon as I smell jet fuel, I'm out. I'm asleep for takeoff. I'm asleep for landing. I'm all about the window. I can wedge my head between the seat and the window during takeoff and fall asleep very nicely. And once I wake up in the air, I go back and as close to flat as the airline allows me.”