How has no one made a movie about this?
Scorpion on a Log in Arizona
Credit: RooM RF/Getty Images

An American Airlines flight from Sacramento to Chicago had to be grounded over the weekend after a very small but very unwelcome passenger came on board (without a ticket, no less).

American Airlines spokesperson Leslie Scott confirmed to SF Gate that a scorpion was seen on Flight 2672, which was then canceled. The 125 passengers were promptly rebooked — the scorpion was not.

It is believed that the little creature snuck on board the night before during a stop in Phoenix, Arizona. Clearly, it was looking for some cooler breezes up in the Bay Area, and couldn’t pass up a chance to see the Windy City.

After the stowaway was detected, the plane was sent to a maintenance facility in Dallas, Texas, to be fumigated. (Sorry, scorpion dude.)

Naturally, for travelers who may not have experience with the eight-legged desert terrors might feel like this is cause for concern. Except it keeps happening.

In June, a passenger was actually stung by a scorpion (but was fine) on board a AeroMexico flight. In May, a scorpion was found in someone's clothing on a United flight. Luckioly, no one was stung.

And on another United flight in April, a scorpion fell out of an overhead bin — and into everyone’s nightmares. One person was stung, but was eventually fine.

All incidents considered, this most recent scorpion encounter is pretty mild. But still, if Samuel L. Jackson were here, he would definitely say there are way too many scorpions on these planes.