For the second time in two weeks, an airplane made an emergency diversion due to a broken bathroom onboard.

American Airlines flight 662 from Charlotte to San Francisco diverted to Denver on Monday morning after a clog incapacitated the aircraft’s lavatory system.

While the A321 aircraft was flying over Kansas, the pilot announced over the loudspeaker that the plane was going to make an emergency diversion, View From the Wing reported. The entire onboard bathroom system was blocked up, affecting all four of the in-flight toilets.

A flight diverted because of a broken bathroom.
Credit: Getty Images

The aircraft arrived in Denver about two hours after takeoff.

Once at the airport, grounds crew “discovered a clog was in the rear Y-Duct… the maintenance team at Denver was able to push the clog through the system with an air blaster,” a spokesperson for American Airlines told View From the Wing.

Passengers on the flight were only on the ground in Denver for an hour and a half before boarding a new aircraft and reaching San Francisco less than two hours after scheduled arrival.

On December 2, a Delta flight from New York City to Seattle made an emergency diversion to Montana when an onboard toilet broke and passengers “needed to ‘go really bad.’” The plane spent three hours on the ground in Billings, Montana and arrived in Seattle more than two hours late.