Airbus A321 Airspace bins
Credit: Courtesy of Airbus

Finnaly, some news about an airline doing something to give travelers more space. American Airlines is going to be switching out the overhead bins on many of its planes with Airbus' new “Airspace XL” bins.

The overhead storage bins offer 40-percent more storage space and can easily stow rolling suitcases vertically. American is retrofitting 202 of their A321 aircraft, a plane most fliers have been on for flights across the country.

If more space for carry-on bags doesn't immediately get you excited, consider this: This could make that announcement that sorry passengers, bins are full, and yes, you will have to check that bag you carefully packed with TSA-approved toiletries, much less common.

“Thanks to this Airbus cabin retrofit, passengers on American Airlines’ A321s will be able to board faster,” Laurent Martinez, the head of services by Airbus, said in a statement. Faster boarding and fewer checked bags are likely to translate to fewer delays.

American Airlines isn’t the only domestic carrier to invest in spacious storage solutions. Last year, Delta introduced a small number of Airbus A321s with high-capacity overhead luggage bins.

Travelers who don’t have the good fortune of flying in one of these updated A321s should keep in mind that there is a right way to store luggage in the overhead compartment. In addition to sliding carry-on suitcases in widthwise (not lengthwise), bags should always go in wheels-first.