Seats on the American Airlines airplane
Credit: Mike Fuentes/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Rest — or sit — assured, passengers.

Last month, American Airlines announced its plan to decrease seat pitch on some seats on new aircraft from 31 inches to 29 inches. Thankfully, the airline has reversed those plans.

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According to the The Points Guy, American “received a lot of feedback from both customers and team members” regarding the original change. Removing the two inches of seat pitch in the main cabin would make American Airlines seats just barely roomier than Spirit Airlines, which is commonly known for being uncomfortable and knee-squishing.

The new change won’t be a total reversal. American seats will now measure 30 inches of seat pitch, according to the new plan. However, the airlines is assuring customers that the change will be both efficient for the airline and still comfortable for the passenger.

“These seats are designed to make efficient use of the space available and feel more spacious so a 30 inch pitch will feel more like today’s 31 inches,” the airline said in a statement.

In order to accommodate at least 30 inches of seat pitch, American is keeping the same number of seats on each plane at 172. However, the airline will be decreasing its number of Main Cabin Extra legroom seats from 36 to 30 and making those seats into standard Main Cabin seating.

On the bright side, it’s better than being packed like a sardine.