By Cailey Rizzo
April 10, 2019
American Airlines CEO Doug Parker
Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Maddie Peters has worked as a flight attendant for American Airlines for four years, and not once, she says, has she spilled a drink on a passenger. Until last week. And, because when things go wrong, they can go very wrong, the passenger in question was none other than the airline’s CEO Doug Parker.

Before a flight from Phoenix to Dallas Fort-Worth last week, cabin crew were warned that their CEO would be one of their passengers. "We knew he was going to be on board and had to be on our best behavior," Peters told NBC News.

As Peters began first class beverage service, a passenger suddenly stopped in the aisle, backed up and sent the drinks tray flying. Sparkling water and jack and cokes cascaded through the air, all over Peters and into Parker’s lap.

“I wanted to drop dead right there in the aisle,” Peters wrote in a post on Instagram.

But the unexpected shower did not phase the CEO. “Luckily he was super cool, and a good sport about it,” Peters wrote on Instagram. “He later came back [to the galley] and we chatted for a little, and joked about it the rest of the flight.”

“He asked where I was from, what I did before coming to American and how long I've worked here,” Peters told Dallas News. “All small talk. Honestly, the rest is a blur. I was still in shock that it had even happened.”

As he was getting off the flight, Parker told Peters he would never forget her. “Guess that’s a good thing right?” Peters joked in her post.