American Airlines
Credit: Getty Images

You should love what you do so much that you can’t help but dance. At least that seems to be one American Airlines employee’s philosophy.

Twitter user and music producer Suzanne Durham spotted this happy-go-lucky American Airlines worker breaking into an exuberant dance on the tarmac while she was in Nashville, Tennessee. She said in her post that he was "living his #bestlife."

According to ABC News, it is unclear which flight Durham had boarded, though she was sitting at gate C11 at Nashville International Airport.

“I was on the phone and looking out the window and he was literally out there dancing and doing all these moves with the luggage cart initially,” she said to ABC News. “I said, 'I hope I capture him on video' because he was just pure joy.”

American Airlines told ABC News that the man in the video is crew chief Isaiah Foster. A spokeswoman for American Airlines told ABC News, “Foster [is] proving that when you love what you do, you can dance on the fly.”

It’s not every day that you can catch an airport employee doing a dance at work, but it’s always magical when it happens. One airport employee in Dallas had a short dance-off with some kids back in 2017, and a pilot with all the moves did a pretty epic rendition of Drake’s “In My Feelings” dance on the outside of a plane in 2018.

Another airport tarmac worker at an unknown airport in 2018 was spotted flipping a traffic cone, doing a dab, and walking off triumphantly after achieving this impressive stunt.

Sometimes even TSA agents get in on the fun, like one agent at Newark Liberty International Airport who had a dance-off with a boy in the security line.

Everybody has moments when their job can be boring or frustrating, especially when they’re working in a busy airport. So, it’s important to find those little moments in the day to make yourself happy.