Check your e-mail to see if you were invited.
American Airlines Admirals Club Philadelphia Concierge Key Challenge
Credit: Courtesy of American Airlines

If you’re an elite frequent flier on American Airlines, check your e-mail inbox immediately to see if you’re been invited to participate in the Concierge Key challenge. Today is the final day to register for it, but you’ll have three months to meet the requirements and earn many valuable perks.

According to a thread on the FlyerTalk frequent flier forum, select AAdvantage program members received an e-mail a few weeks ago inviting them to register for a Concierge Key membership challenge by Friday, July 21. To complete the challenge, they have to spend 16,000 elite qualifying dollars (EQDs) on American Airlines-operated flights within the next 90 days. Once met, those members will be rewarded with a Concierge Key membership through January 2019.

The targeted challenge isn’t open to all AAdvantage members, just big spenders who may already have achieved Executive Platinum status.

According to one FlyerTalk user who received the invitation, he already has 65,000 elite qualifying dollars, with 54,000 of them on American-operated flights and 223,000 elite qualifying miles for the year.

Membership in Concierge Key is usually limited to American’s highest spenders and most frequent fliers. It’s so secret and exclusive that the airline doesn’t even list it on its website.

Once they’re in, members get airport escorts, a dedicated concierge service that handles upgrade requests and re-booking privileges, automatic Executive Platinum status, access to the Admirals Club and Flagship lounges, complimentary international upgrades, as well as two system-wide upgrades. They also get VIP check-in privileges at Flagship Check-In in select airports.

Much like American's Concierge Key, United and Delta also operate elite clubs for VIP fliers. Read more about what it's like being a member of United Global Services and Delta 360.

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