The full suite of products by Casper for American Airlines.
Credit: Courtesy of Casper

Casper — most familiar to New Yorkers thanks to ubiquitous subway ads — is taking to the skies. The mattress company announced Thursday it will be providing bedding products for American Airlines starting in December.

In addition to designing the mattress pad for the airlines' premium seats, Casper will provide pillows, lumbar pillows, pillowcases, duvets, blankets, pajamas, and slippers — a full suite of products to lull passengers to sleep on a bed 35,000 feet in the air.

Casper pillow on American Airlines seat.
Credit: Courtesy of Casper

The catch: You'll only find these products on international and transcontinental flights in first, business, and premium economy classes.

For those who book a premium seat on those flights, Casper has applied “years of sleep research” to the air travel environment. Which of the in-flight products will be available on each flight depends on the route and aircraft type.

Airlines have in recent years focused on helping passengers sleep more restfully. United's business class, Polaris, was unveiled last year and designed to prioritize quality sleep on long-haul flights.

One key to prioritizing sleep for premium passengers: Privacy. United's Polaris, as well as Delta One, offer private compartments so in-flight zzzs aren't interrupted by a drink cart.

A lie-flat seat.
Credit: Courtesy of Casper

Casper is known for a limited product line that focuses on curated quality (kind of like Apple's iPhone). In a statement, the company said it is “bringing disruption and innovation beyond the mattress industry.”