"Alexa, check me in for my flight. And ask for an upgrade!"
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Amazon Alexa device United Airlines
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon [edited]

On Tuesday, United Airlines announced that customers with Amazon Alexa devices — like the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot — can use simple commands to check in to flights and get trip information.

United is the first U.S.-based airline to offer this capability with Amazon Alexa devices.

“Introducing the new skill to check in and receive flight information with Alexa is an innovation that gives our customers extra prep time,” United’s vice president of digital products and analytics, Praveen Sharma, said in a statement.

By using the simple command, “Alexa, ask United to check me in,” travelers can instantly check in for an upcoming flight and get additional information about their trip. United passengers can also get information from Alexa about on-time status, as well as details about onboard amenities. For example, “Alexa, does United flight 869 have power outlets?”

To enable the feature, travelers must link their United MileagePlus account with the Alexa app. At this time, the check-in service is limited to travelers taking domestic flights.

Earlier in the summer, KAYAK revealed a new Amazon Alexa skill that allows travelers to chat with Alexa (like an in-house travel agent) about hotels and, ultimately, make bookings.