Starbucks Holiday Cups
Credit: Sarah Crowder

Go ahead and pick up that Grande Peppermint Mocha before your flight — it may have more perks than just caffeine.

In select airports, Alaska Airlines is offering early boarding to passengers who are carrying a holiday cup from Thursday until Sunday, according to USA Today. Any cup, whether it’s hot or cold or even one of those reusable ones (as long as they’re holiday-themed), is eligible for the promotion.

And if you need your holiday latte fix before you head to the airport, just bring the cup with you.

Boarding early may not seem like much, but it can make a world of difference for people who would like to get situated before their flight. Not only does this give passengers more time to settle in, but it also potentially guarantees overhead bin space (though we can’t make any promises).

Of course, there are some restrictions. This year, customers with Starbucks holiday cups will be able to board before all standard, economy class passengers but not before first-class or specialty boarding (people flying with young children, people with disabilities, mileage plan members, premium class, or active members of the military).

Additionally, the holiday cups will not be available at San Francisco, Atlanta, and Minneapolis-St. Paul airports, USA Today noted, but these locations will have festive sleeves on their cups that count towards the promotion.

Alaska Airlines isn’t new to rolling out quirky promotions, especially around the holidays. Last year, the carrier offered early boarding to people who wore their ugly Christmas sweaters on the flight.