Alaska Airlines Flight Attendants Will Issue a Yellow Warning Card to Passengers Who Don't Wear a Mask

The card serves as final notice. Passengers who still do not comply may be suspended from the airline.

Passengers who do not comply with face mask rules onboard Alaska Airlines flights will receive yellow warning cards, warning them they could be suspended from the airline.

Starting this month, flight attendants will have the cards on hand for passengers who repeatedly refuse to put on their face masks while aboard. The airline will then review the passenger's travel and could be temporarily suspended from the airline, according to an Alaska blog post.

The yellow cards — which look almost like referee cards — are printed with the words, "This is your final notice to comply with our policy. Next, we will file a report, which could result in the suspension of future travel on Alaska Airlines."

A few exceptions to the rule are passengers younger than two, anyone with a medical breathing issue, anyone who cannot remove a mask without assistance or anyone with a disability that prevents them from wearing a mask.

"We're counting on both our guests and employees to be considerate of one another to wear face coverings and contribute to our constant effort to keep everyone healthy and safe," President of Alaska Airlines, Ben Minicucci, said in a statement. "We take pride in our excellent customer service, a main reason so many of our guests enjoy flying with us. That stays the same."

Alaska Airlines plane
Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

Effective immediately, passengers will have to sign a health agreement during the check-in process, agreeing to adhere to the airline's mask policy.

The airline will have masks on hand for anyone who forgets them and individual hand-sanitizer wipes available onboard.

Alaska is not the only airline getting tougher on face mask rules. On June 18, United enacted a new policy that puts passengers who do not adhere to the airline's face mask rules on an internal travel restriction list. Passengers on the list will be temporarily suspended from United flights.

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