Alaska Airlines' Star Wars-themed Plane Will Take You to a Galaxy Far, Far Away in Time for May the Fourth

The plane, painted "space black," features the Millennium Falcon and plenty of Porgs.

Alaska Airlines plane decked out in a new Star Wars paint job
Photo: Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is celebrating May the Fourth (be with you) with a brand-new, fully decked-out Star Wars plane complete with the Millennium Falcon itself, the airline shared with Travel + Leisure.

The carrier celebrated the unofficial holiday on Wednesday with the new plane, which took 27 days, 228 gallons of paint, and 23 base colors to bring to life. This is the seventh plane Alaska Airlines has painted for Disneyland, according to the carrier.

Tail of an Alaska Airlines plane painted with Star Wars ships
Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

"As part of our strong collaboration, Alaska is proud to combine forces with Disneyland Resort for another magical, special-edition aircraft," Natalie Bowman, the managing director of marketing and advertising for Alaska Airlines, said in a statement provided to T+L. "The detailed artwork and intricately painted design is out of this world, and our guests, especially lifelong Star Wars fans, will feel instantly transported and eager to land at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge the moment they see it."

The custom image features the body of the plane painted "space black" with the Millennium Falcon painted on the tail being chased by TIE fighters to celebrate Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. To complete the image, porgs — adorable avian creatures that lived on Luke Skywalker's remote island — are painted on both winglets as well as at the boarding door.

The unique plane, which has been named "Star Wars Transport to Disneyland Resort" made its inaugural flight on Wednesday from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to John Wayne Airport in Orange County, Calif.

This isn't the first time an airplane has been painted to honor Star Wars: In 2019, United Airlines decked out its plane with a lightsaber to celebrate the "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" film. And in 2015, Japan's All Nippon Airways also created a Star Wars-themed plane complete with themed music and even Storm Troopers.

Wing of an Alaska Airlines plane with a star wars character on it
Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

In recent years, carriers have painted planes to resemble everything from Hello Kitty to the Northern Lights and even classic beach towels.

Travelers who want to celebrate May the Fourth in other ways can check out Disney World's new Star Wars hotel experience, the Galactic Starcruiser, which opened in March or order some of Kat Saka's popcorn off the secret menu at Disney World's Galaxy's Edge.

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